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Your Ascendant Characteristics. Dear Leo, this week you need to sit back and take some time to think.

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Instead, make a new plan that will help you in your next steps. Your dynamism will make you think clearly and decisively. Around the end of the week, be prudent in your finances.

Spend money on what is necessary and postpone everything else for the future, when things will be more positive for you. Your love life will be revived this week, since better communication will help your relationship.

Your partner will understand your desires and will make them come true, in order to prove their love to you. If you are single, new, attractive people will come into your life. Spend time on things that make you feel good and help you express your creativity.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo is very strong willed and they can also be very self-confident. These attributes help them achieve success and get their point across, however Leo can also be accused of being overpowering and sometimes even manipulative.

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Being a born leader, Leo works best when they are either in control, or the leader of a project, job or organization. Most of the time, Leo knows what they want and focuses all of their energy toward getting it. Their sign is symbolized by the Lion and like the lion itself, they go hard and fast toward what they want.

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Leo is a very magnetic sign and also very charismatic. Lions are very good at using this energy to charm those they meet. They can also be hot headed though and this charm soon turns to a fiery rage, should someone disagree with their way of thinking.

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Leo loves being center stage at most things they do and you will find that many people in Hollywood are in fact born under the Leo sign. Leo's faults and virtues are both strong and depending on what mood they are in, you will see either the magnetically good side of them, or their outrageous fire. They do however, prefer to use their time and energy for the most part, doing good and making a stand to ensure a beneficial life for both themselves and for those around them.

Leo is very industrious and can often be found in cutting edge industries and professions and they usually work extremely hard to gain financial success. They do not like rivals and should they feel slighted in any way, they will not hesitate to manipulate or use cunning tacts on their opposition. Leo loves power, loves luxury and thrives on success in all areas in their life.

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They make good motivators, as they are very encouraging and motivating to those around them. Leo loves to boast at their own personal triumphs and will not hesitate to tell others about their many personal successes.

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They thrive on flattery and actively seek it. Whether they are male or female, they have a very queen or king like aura around them, one that leaves others transfixed with their charm and power.