December 14 2019 horoscopes

Discussions with parents and bosses might be confusing today. If the discussion is important, repeat back to the other person what you think they want you to do to avoid misunderstandings. You might trust your hunches which in fact, are a bit dubious today.

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Feelings of escapism are strong today. Perhaps you want to drift away into a fantasy world about exotic places with white sands and turquoise waters where people bring you delicious drinks with little pink parasols. This is a poor day for important financial decisions about inheritances and shared property. Very likely, you will feel sympathetic to the needs of those who are less fortunate, which is commendable; however, make sure that whatever you do to help is realistic.

In one way, you are tuned in to the feelings of close friends and partners. Yet ironically, your decision-making process is a bit flawed because of wishful thinking and fuzzy thoughts. Know this. A fellow employee might come to you with their problems today because they want your input or they want a sympathetic ear. Nevertheless, be careful about negative people who just want to complain because this will bring you down. If you can help — good; otherwise, move on for your own survival. Parents should be vigilant about their kids, especially toddlers with respect to poisonous liquids and harmful things they might ingest.

Be alert! You might want to help a family member today, but you feel overwhelmed or not up to the task. Once they voice their concerns out loud, they get things in perspective.

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Many people are caught up in this because the Moon is lined up with fuzzy Neptune. By the same token, communications with others might be confusing today. Do be aware of this. This is a poor day for important purchases or financial discussions because people are caught up in wishful thinking instead of dealing with the real facts. Today the Moon is in your sign lined up with your ruler Neptune.

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This greatly increases your empathy for those around you. But it also makes you an emotional sponge. Be careful who you hang out with. You are curious, determined and very honest. Charity is a source of heart energy.

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Share your knowledge when you can. Gemini, dreams become reality when you believe.

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Put your vision for the future on paper before you do it to teach your mind to be unafraid. Cancer, your love of helping others can make you short on time.

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  5. Prioritize who you can help in order for there to be a win-win. Sharing resource, learning how to repurpose things can help move your projects forward faster today. Virgo, keep the motivation up. While others express visions and dreams you may want to bring things into focus and it can come across as negativity. Inspire by using positive reinforcement instead. Let others see the benefits of checks and balances. Libra, priorities are a must today.

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    To minimize a potential setback on a time sensitive matter, keep your energy where it belongs and strive for completion before the weekend arrives. Scorpio, joy can be found anywhere.

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    Sagittarius, a work related partnership can form either by shared goals or a realization of like-minded vision. Confidence in business is on the rise.

    Capricorn, communicate with clear point A to point b plans. There can be the potential for mixed signals if things that need to be written down are left to assumption.

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    Be diligent to communicate in writing, especially when dealing with contracts or matters that are legally important. Aquarius, faith in home and heart can be restored and expanded upon. Little things add up to major blessings today. Your personal treasure chest can be restocked with love and care by the work of your two hands.