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If Person A has their Sun at 12 degrees Pisces and Person B has their Venus at the same degree or the opposite point — 12 degrees Virgo , that can make for a really compelling relationship. Saturn in Sagittarius is square those points, and Neptune is within conjunction range and is opposite 12 degrees Virgo. Thus, the same factors that make this relationship work can come under stress from difficult transits.

Transiting Saturn square your Sun can bruise your ego, and transiting Saturn square your Venus can be trouble for relationships in general and make it harder to be happy with what you have. Yes, there are other helpful aspects in synastry, like the trine and sextile. Thus, B can help A get through the difficult time. But, no matter what… never let astrology be an excuse for bad relationship behavior.

Want a free e-book? Sure you do! In regards to a relationship: Brownstone observes that there is a general compatibility between people who share complementary elements within their sun signs e. However, the moon signs, ascendants, and lunar nodes should also be considered.

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In regards to a relationship: Compatibility between the sun signs of two people is an indicator of basic affinity. For instance, an Aries and a Sagittarius both bring a similar energy [fire] to the table: enthusiasm, intention, and action.

For instance, you could have a Scorpio and a Leo, and there will be this tremendous passion because the differences in the signs are very appealing. Moon Sign: Determined by the position of where the moon was at the exact time you were born. This sign governs your instinctive, inner needs.


Astrological Pairs That Seem to Work Best

It is representative of your mother, your family, and your home environment. In regards to a relationship: Compatibility between moon signs is a plus. For example, if your moon sign is in Pisces [water], you might find your needs very well met by a Scorpio [also water]. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, the moon signs of you and your partner should be compatible.

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In regards to a relationship: Because the rising signs of two people dictate initial attraction, this is one of the areas where compatibility between the elements is not necessary. And, as the age-old saying goes: Opposites attract. Hence, someone who has their ascendant in Capricorn might be attracted to an Aries, and vice-versa.


Brownstone adds that the rising sign is also opposite the marriage house, or partnership house. Mars is the key to our sexual expression, and often, for women, shows the type of male qualities to which you are drawn. Both planets reveal, in terms of relationships, who you are likely to be attracted to, and what you are likely to find in dating situations. They signify the above qualities regardless of sexual orientation. This is where Juno enters the story. Consider my client, Julia.

She had been married for six years to a man she was passionately attracted to. They had powerful connections between her Mars and his Venus. But beyond the passion, she felt completely unnourished by her husband. After their divorce, she dated for a time and had another three-year relationship to a man who was very different in personality, but the pattern was the same — there was passion but no real connection.

Julia ended the union and was now involved with a new man, but the pattern was emerging again. Julia knew from her chart that she had Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aries. If you need a chart, try Cafe Astrology for a free one.

Will Your Love Last? Exploring the Effects of Astrological Aspects on Your Relationship

Scroll down the chart results page to see Juno. This is a strong sexual placement and led to her attracting strong, masculine men with whom the sex was always great. But her Juno was in Cancer.

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This revealed that she needed a mate who was emotionally nurturing, interested in home and family, and a bit softer than the men she was currently attracting. She had to look past her immediate sexual attractions to the super-masculine type of guy and be open to seeing a different sort of man. She will express her Juno attributes as well, so a good match will be a man that wants home and family, and is able to give and receive emotional nurturing.

Cathy was another client who was in a fairly good marriage of 10 years. But things were getting a little stale, and she wanted to know how she might deepen her connection with her husband.

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  • She had never looked at her Juno, which was in Sagittarius. I explained to her that to be satisfied in marriage, her Juno needed adventure! Perfect for both of them!