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As NASA themselves explain, no one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future or describe what people are like based only on their birth date. Want insider tips on happiness, health, relaxation and more? Sign up for the Stylist Loves Wellbeing email. Skip to content. That explains everything. You may also like. Do dreams really carry meaning? Here's when not to ignore your subconscious.

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Here are the correct dates for the star signs:. Not too shabby, eh? Infographic shows what your sleeping habits say about you. The sun then enters the sign Capricorn on the December 21 solstice. So the sun passes through the sign Sagittarius for the month period before and up to the December solstice, irrespective of the sun shining in front of the constellation Ophiuchus from November 30 to December By the way, the December solstice point moves one degree westward in front of the zodiacal constellations — or backdrop stars — in about 72 years.

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  • The summer solstice is June 9 things to know about the longest day of the year - Vox.
  • The December solstice point will finally move into the constellation Ophiuchus by the year When and where to locate Ophiuchus. The best time to observe Ophiuchus is during a Northern Hemisphere summer or a Southern Hemisphere winter. From the Northern Hemisphere, late July and early August present this constellation high in the southern sky at nightfall and early evening.

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    This rather large constellation fills the area of sky to the north of the constellation Scorpius the Scorpion and to the south of the constellation Hercules the Hero. The head of Ophiuchus is marked by the star Rasalhague Alpha Ophiuchi. Ophiuchus is joined in legend and in the sky to the constellation of the Serpent. The name Ophiuchus comes from two Greek words meaning serpent and holding.

    Can you see the Pipe Nebula a little to the upper right of center? If not, click here and put your cursor over the photo.

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    View larger. Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer. Deep-sky objects in Ophiuchus. On a night when the moon is absent, take your binoculars and use them to scan Ophiuchus, which lies near the band of the Milky Way and so has many deep-sky wonders.

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    Ophiuchus boasts of numerous globular clusters, for example. The two easiest globular clusters to see with ordinary binoculars are M10 and M12, as shown on the above chart. Through binoculars, they look like faint puffs of light, but with the telescope, you begin to see these globular clusters for what they really are. They are immense stellar cities spanning a hundred to a few hundred light-years in diameter, teeming with hundreds of thousands of stars. Another big deep-sky favorite is the Pipe Nebula, a vast interstellar cloud of gas and dust sweeping across about 7 o of sky.

    This dark nebula resides at a distance of to light-years in southern Ophiuchus, and can be seen with the unaided eye in a dark, transparent sky. These two stars but not the Pipe Nebula are shown on the above chart. The Greek Asclepius or Latin Aesculapius.


    The constellation Ophiuchus represents this legendary physician. Ophiuchus in myth and star lore. In Greek sky lore, Ophiuchus represents Asclepius — said to have been the first doctor — always depicted holding a great serpent or snake. This greatly alarmed the gods as it threatened to undo the natural order of things.

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    As the good doctor was trying to bring Orion the Hunter back to life, the god of the Underworld pleaded to Zeus, the king of the gods, to reconsider the ramifications of the death of death. Apparently his argument swayed the king of the gods. Zeus confiscated the potion, removed Asclepius from Earth and placed the gifted physician into the starry heavens. We hardly know how the god of the Underworld made his appeal.

    Perhaps he said only that which never lives never dies, and that no mortal can have one without the other.

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    The absence of death means the absence — not the continuance — of life. We die with the dying: See, they depart, and we go with them. We are born with the dead: See, they return, and bring us with them. The great Johannes Kepler to