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Pop music success requires good timing-- no local or unsigned band will debate this-- and the Ruby Suns have shitty timing. Their breakthrough album, Sea Lion , dropped in the early spring of ; it was a fun, loose take on Panda Bear's seaside psychedelia. Last summer, many indie fans fell hard for a smattering of artists-- Washed Out, Neon Indian-- that echoed the same big-wave aesthetic as the Suns.

Fight Softly Tracklist

Justice would see head Sun Ryan McPhun return to claim a spot at the picnic table, but Fight Softly mostly abandons the gentle soufulness and playful strums of Sea Lion in favor of stale electronics and busy loops. The departure from Sea Lion is apparent immediately: Twinkling ambience and dollops of synthesizer open Fight Softly.

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The rhythms remain bouncy and ebullient, but simple, slapping drum machines weigh them down. The Suns used to sneak in bits of odd percussion and puns on world music "Kenya Dig It? The resulting compositions seem full of color but lacking in depth or space: drum thwacks and buzzing keyboards caulk every track.

McPhun has taken to singing with melisma, twisting simple lyrics into meandering phrasings. He takes almost 30 seconds to sing the album's first line: "It's my turn in the front seat" many of his lyrics address this sort of innocence and alienation. At his best, like on "Closet Astrologer", he recalls Arthur Russell's awkward, thrilling navigation, but McPhun often lacks Russell's coy balance. McPhun's voice seems incongruous with his songwriting. He seems languid and relaxed over "Cinco"'s aggressive shifts. Random dance session coming to a park near you soon.

Ruby Suns are amazing smoking the herb while listening to this project for inspiration rubysuns sealions spiritualmusic indigochildren peacefulvibes.

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Live on Radio K: The Ruby Suns - "Closet Astrologer"

I made a playlist of all the songs I listen to that make me happy instantly. Maybe it's inappropriate, maybe relax. And all the others!

Watch this videomontage of birdthatwhistles at the boardwalk last night. It's pretty! Music by: rubysuns. Island Life nz rubysuns. Sunny songs for a sunny day.

Closet Astrologer by The Ruby Suns | This Is My Jam

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