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Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain so readily gave themselves to the hedonism, recklessness and controversy of their lives that even astrologically it is difficult to see beyond their tragic deaths, neatly marked out by a Uranus trine and Neptune sextile. However, the members of the 'Club of 27' featured on this website all had prominent Uranus connections.

Hendrix, left handed and inventive from an early age, was playing the guitar with his teeth and behind his head before he could train himself to play the guitar with his right hand. Jones, born into relative privilege, did not battle his way out of poverty but out of the limitations imposed by his class. Joplin, as the only woman of the Club of 27, could never see herself as worthy of being loved--and so she set out to break down not only the gender barriers of the music industry but the racial ones as well.

A lover of reptiles to his family and friends long before he became known as the Lizard King to his fans, Morrison, the troublesome practical joker with an exceptionally high IQ had the rebellious and macho Mars-Uranus conjunction. It is perhaps unsurprising that these Club of 27 members frowned on the "squares" of their generation: all have a conspicious lack of the square aspect in their charts.

Perhaps in an archetypal sense, this conjunction was epitomised by the unleashing of nuclear power in December , in Chicago, when the firm structure of things Saturn was broken up in a totally new way Uranus. Hendrix was born within days of that event, and Joplin only a month after. It was the same conjunction, echoing in their natal charts that would contribute to the cultural explosion that was the 60's.

In astrology, the planet Uranus is associated with sudden and shocking revolution. Uranus is known particularly for its ability to use eccentricity and innovation to bring about change.


At it's first return in , Civil war had broken out, and at it's second return, US soldiers were fighting in WWII on the beaches of Normandy in From mid a 'magic triangle' of outer planets formed in the sky. This triangle consisted of Uranus-trine-Neptune, both pointing in sextile to Pluto. They fantasised about their country having peaceful and gentle relations with the rest of the world. They would grow to be unafraid to experiment with music and drugs. It wasn't until this generation grew up and began expressing themselves as adults that the effects of this configuration could be seen.

The meeting of Uranus, the planet of androgeny and Pluto with its power-of-the-depths, coincided with the sexual revolution and the advent of the feminist movement. It seemed this generation became feminised, as a lot of young people, young men in particular, wore beads and flowers in their hair. We can almost once again conjure up the wonderful feeling of rebellion, lack of inhibition and experimentation.

It was also a time a great terror and turmoil: bodies of America's young men were rotting in fields with unpronounceable names, as the Vietnam war raged. On home soil, an ongoing battle for racial equality was happening - a battle that never should have been necessary in the first place. No one knew better about the discrimination Black America faced than Jimi Hendrix, the only Black member of the Club of Returning to America from a successful British tour in , Hendrix found himself in a New York hotel - and was promptly mistaken for a bellhop.

Through a smoky haze, this generation used music to express their dreams of peace and harmony as the Vietnam War raged and used drugs to escape the grim reality of a futile conflict.

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The finest anti-war songs came from this period. The Flower-Power generation expressed its anger through music and thereby de-legitimised the war.

Its new visions were moulded while experimenting with drugs and meditation. The expression "If you can remember the '60's you weren't there," seems an apt tribute to this time. Hendrix had every planet except Mars harmonically linked by trines and sextiles. In the form of his chart we see the essence of funky rhythm.

Cobain's chart had every one of his planets linked by trine or sextile aspects. It actually had two grand trines in it, both in the water-signs.


Nine planets in Water! His kite formation, like that of Janis Joplin, was pointing at Pluto.

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Trines and sextiles are the two aspects which are most associated with harmony and concorde. It is these harmonies in their charts which impelled the 'Children of Dionysus' into song! Let's count them up How many of the 'trine' and 'sextile' aspects are present in the birthcharts of the 'Club of 27'? A trine is one-third of a circle, and a sextile is one-sixth.

We take a five-degree 'orb' for this - i. We count all trines and sextiles between planets in five Club of 27 'natal charts,' i. The Children of Dionysus had a massive excess of the blissful, harmonious trines and sextiles. These are the aspects of Harmony. One expects about 2. These five charts are just loaded with the harmonious celestial aspects - that helped them find the melody.

Next, we count the squares - these come from dividing a circle into 4, i. The most significant factor in this Dionysian 'Club of 27' is - no squares in their natal charts! Squares bring the tough, hard, limitations of life, and a firm structure. Being 'square' was a derogatory term in the Swinging Sixties. Between them they only had 2 squares, when by chance you would expect about 12 - that's proof of astrology!

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