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Network in places that you wouldn't normally gravitate towards and reach out to new organizations that may help you explore a possible career segway. Expand on this by maintaining a sense of flexibility throughout the transition. Mercury retrograde, beginning April 9th, will impact you more than most signs. Power struggles may arise, and your ability to bring levity to the situation will be tested.

If you can think of any such encounter as a playful tug of war, you'll be able to take the edge off and make the struggle more productive. Rigidity is not your friend, think "elasticity" to avoid any destabilizing effects.

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Let go of control. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. What supports you feeling good about your work and relationships? What boundaries do you need to set? Get clear.

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Full moon on the 11th will illuminate what needs to be stated in order to stabilize you. After taking stock, make sure to have conversations about what you need from others in order to feel secure in relationships, especially work related ones. Try to think ahead and notice where being over-compromising would not benefit you in the future.

If a conflict arises in these negotiations, choose to de-personalize the exchange and just state what you need to feel good. You may not get what you want but expressing it is the first step. This month the planet Uranus will help radicalize your thought process in a positive but also possibly abrupt way. If you're prepared, it will help shed new light on your passion for the future, putting you in the position to discover your unique way of contributing to the greater good.

Look out for brand new thoughts and visions.

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Actualizing will come from connecting with peers and colleagues. Join groups and spend time with people you see as being on the same page and create new possibilities together. This is an active time for you Leo, make sure to take care of yourself to prevent burnout. Although Jupiter is your April ally in expanding and cultivating a greater self-worth, this may show up as challenges with your inner critic.

Be aware of what's coming up and what that self-judgment may be pointing towards. How can you deepen your sense of self and nurture your positive traits? Make sure to take compliments to heart and bask in encouraging feedback. Let it sink in, don't guard against praise. Bring more lightheartedness into your life by taking on a creative project - just for fun and preferably with others.

Astrology Tarot Psychic Guidance, Women's spirituality, High Priestess musings

Notice what comes out of it that supports a secure sense of inherent value. As Venus moves back into Pisces on April 2nd, you'll be invited to retrace your steps and recognize any areas where a part of you may have been left behind. Staffed by Jungian analyst astrologers working in Zurich -- an image that alone should send you running to the site -- it spits out free daily horoscopes calibrated to the exact time of your birth and features lots of other free goodies such as relationship horoscopes.

Michael Lutin, whose horoscopes appear in Vanity Fair and at www.

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Brit Jonathan Cainer is also one people like, but it annoys me that the free forecasts on his site are sketchy, always asking you to pay if you want any real advice. I don't want to pay, because despite my devotion to Sally, I don't really believe in astrology. How could you believe that something like the position of Pluto, which isn't even really a planet anymore, can determine how much money you get for your next book?

Yet, extrapolating from Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, simply knowing your horoscope can influence reality, so that thinking my day will be like a Hollywood movie will make me act like a star, which will make the world treat me like a star, which will make my life like a movie. It's kind of the same idea as The Secret : Think positive thoughts and you will attract positive reality. I don't believe that either.

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