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In February, you will use your power of seduction to improve your life and that of your loved ones. Especially from the 10th, where you will discuss with your family the measures to take to reach it. Count on Mars from the 14th to encourage your initiatives and effectively manage stewardship to meet the expectations of others and your own. Moreover, from the 18th, the sun invites you to take care of your private life and to make every effort to harmonize your bonds with your loved ones. In a Relationship, you spend most of the month supporting your income and using it wisely. Whether it is money or talent, you will aspire to put them at the service of others and you will take advantage of your recent advances to warm the mood.

At the end of the month, you can look forward to great success in your businesses and you will have a great energy to accomplish what you have in mind. Single, rather than seducing, you will want to create a living environment that suits you or evolves in an atmosphere that keeps up with your contagious enthusiasm.

You will not hesitate to deploy a formidable energy to serve your interests and you will end the month by directing your daily life to your idea and your family exchanges at your leisure. Enjoy and seduce. You will have a charm that will have an effect on an entourage who is easily conquered and you will have no trouble enjoying your loved ones who will swear by you. Aware, however, that you must manage your resources with caution, you will not disperse yourself and you will make others understand that you act for their good, without departing from a maturity that will consolidate your popularity within the clan.

A month to make yourself understood and to install an ideal atmosphere, likely to tighten the ranks durably. In a Relationship, you have a great support for your family ambitions and your desire to form harmonious exchanges. You will act with a mastery that will secure your family bases.

Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius February 12222

Single, you will enjoy a Jupiterian dynamism until the 14th to make an impression on the world, to win the vote, and captivate someone you like, even if you will be more concerned about the improvement of your living conditions. Bet not only on your charisma but also on your rational management of your means to watch your back and reassure your troops.

Avoid talking money or introducing a balance of power in your emotional exchanges. Prefer to play your charm to impress your partner or surprise and conquer someone that does not leave you indifferent. You will know how to do it on the 8th, 9th, and 18th: you will bet on your eloquence and your humor to captivate and surprise without pushing the other too hard, at the risk of antagonizing them.

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Do not overdo it and avoid overplaying. At the end of the month, you will experience strong moments, whether it is a closeness or a love story that tempts you, you will have the weapons to distill your magnetism with all the chances that it has its effect. A whole new world is about to open up for you. Well, a contented Sagittarius, enjoying financial security and all the delights that come with it. The attainment of independence that your new financial status offers you is giving you an emotional peace that tells you that self-reliance is of vital importance to your stability.

You are now much more aware as to how to protect your own interests wisely.


Sun Based. Step right up, jump right in, and take charge of the situation. The King of Wands is the Boss Man of the Tarot, and he is known for being a great leader, one who passionately brings his vision for change to life. This can be you today, and it is a great way to begin your week. This Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio has offered up many truths as you continue to review and dig deep, and, in so doing, just like the Scorpion, you are better able to rise to new heights. You may be saying I am daft because Mercury is retrograde so how can I possibly think you can feel in charge of anything.

This is a day to be taking action, much like the fiery King of Wands, you can see your vision more clearly, and act upon it as well. To hear my Tarot Card of the Day at the earliest possible time, download the free PodBean app from your AppStore today, or follow me on any podcast platform of your choice. Posted on November 10, Posted on November 10, Updated on October 30, Light Seer: choices, opportunities and options, a counsel against fantasies and illusions, wishful thinking, the allure of temptation on the path, needing to decide without having the full picture.

Shadow Seer: feeling blocked by indecision, fear of making the wrong choice, the distraction of all things shiny and new, feeling overwhelmed by choices. When you daydream your way into the future, the options that you have in front of you, right now, can feel overwhelming. The straight path from A to Z is often nebulous, and life can present itself like a game of snakes and ladders that will bring you down only to life you up.

Your desire to choose the correct path — the perfect path — can make things feel overly muddled and confusing, because the allure of shiny things is often illusory.

SAGITTARIUS Tarot - Energetic - LOVE READING - February 2019

There is, unfortunately, no way to foresee everything that will unfold! You must use your intuition to decide.

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Remember that gifts and riches can hold promises that are shallow and empty, while difficult paths can often hold beautiful opportunities for growth and wisdom. Rather than being caught up in the temptation of the fast and the easy, use a discerning heart and allow what you really want to inform your next steps. Even though things are not always what they seem to be, you can meditate on your best choice, and use it as a stepping stone to an ever-expanding future. Posted on November 9, Updated on November 9, If you ask anyone who has ever owned a Tarot deck, or had a Tarot reading, which cards they love, and which cards they hate, the 3 of Swords would rank very high up on the list of the latter.

I am not certain how, over the centuries, the interpretation of this card has taken on such a negative connotation, but the 3 of Swords does get a bad rep which is greatly undeserved. Indeed, should you associate this depiction with pain, heartache, and suffering, even betrayal, then the time has come to let it go.

Allow there to be healing, even through separation and elimination, once you remove what is painful, there will one day be a cause for celebration. You are destined to be so much more than you are at this moment in time.

Release what is hurting you, and holding you back in a painful way, in order to allow positive moments to flow into your life more freely. To hear my Tarot Card of the Day audio, on time, every day, in a consistent fashion, go to your AppStore and download the free PodBean app and follow me there, or any other podcast platform of your choosing. This is the earliest possible heads up available to hear my daily reading. Posted on November 9, Like this: Like Loading See you here tomorrow!